Hypnotherapy | Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is highly likely to be yes! It is generally not possible to Hypnotise someone against their will. If you wish to be Hynpotised and are happy with your choice of therapist, then just relax and allow it to happen. All Hypnosis is in fact a type of Self-Hypnosis, I will guide and help you to an Hypnotic state in order to make the positive changes you desire.

Hypnosis is similar to drifting off to sleep, that stage where you are not quite awake but not quite asleep. Everyone experiences it differently. I will be able to reassure you and help and guide you to relax and enjoy the experience. Most people are surprised at just how relaxing an experience it is.

No you cannot get stuck in Hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural state, and you remain in control throughout. I am there to guide you through the relaxing experience to achieve the positive changes you are motivated to make.

No you will not. Hypnotherapy is only used within your own moral boundaries. You allow the therapist to work with you because you are motivated to make positive changes.

As your body and mind will become very relaxed during Hypnosis, if you are mentally and or physically exhausted prior to your session, then there is a small possibility that you may fall asleep. If this happens, the Hypnotic state has ended and I will gently guide you back to become fully awake. It is more likely that you will find you have a heightened sense of awareness of your inner world and of my voice.

This will depend on your presenting issue and your personal circumstances. I shall be able to give a guide of how many sessions to expect during your initial consultation. As a guide 4 to 6 sessions.

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