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Menopause Relief Programme

• Complimentary Consultation
• 6 weekly, 1 hour sessions including a recording of each session to listen to at home £250

Hot Flushes? Night Sweats? Brain Fog? Sleepless Nights, Anxiety? 

Those are just some of the symptoms Women can experience during all stages of the Menopause.

Clinical trials in the UK and US have proven that Hypnosis can reduce or eliminate symptoms. 80% of women reduced the number of hot flushes and all women reported a lower intensity of hot flush.

My own trials have been highly successful with all women experiencing significant improvement in all of their symptoms.

What causes Hot Flushes?

Many experts believe that when levels of oestrogen fall during menopause the hypothalamus (a gland in your brain) is adversely affected. As the hypothalamus regulates your body temperature, the decrease in oestrogen causes the brain to detect too much heat, as a reaction to this our bodies sweat. This series of events is what causes that uncomfortable heated sweaty feeling.

Reviews of my programme:

"This is fantastic. I can thoroughly recommend. Have gone from 12-14 hot flushes a day on a scale out of 10 of 8-10 to 3 or 4, if that, and the overall severity has reduced too. I am also not as hot at night so my quality of sleep has improved immensely. Thank you Janet."

"I’ve been having a right mare with hot flushes brain fog, anxiety, sweats and generally feeling old before my time! ….So I thought I’d give something a try and I’m receiving menopause hypnosis I am only 3 sessions in and seeing results already I’ve learnt how to suppress my flushes and I’m also having less of them it’s also controlling my anxiety and brain fog, having better nights sleep too! …. wish I’d gone sooner highly recommend."

Contact me if you would like to regain control, feel empowered and learn practical skills that are easy to use to eliminate or reduce your menopausal symptoms.

Tel: 07305 043089

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